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How to keep your pets entertained at home

With recent reports showing that searches for 'buying a puppy' has surged by 120% it's clear that a lot of us will now have a furry friend to factor into life after lockdown. So how can we keep our pets occupied when we return to work?

From clever toys and smart monitors to the apps you’ll want to have on hand, Alice Beer is here to help keep our canine companions entertained and safe at home.

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Furbo Dog Camera£189, Furbo

Manything AppFree to download

Rover AppFree to download

SlowTon Pet Calming Bed£25.49, Dogly

Chamomile Relaxing Spray£12.99, City Paws Club

Smart Pet Love Snuggle PuppyFrom £35.75

Relax My DogFree 7-day trial

Kong Dog ToyFrom £7

Dogtastic Bandanas Snuffle Mat£12, Etsy

Emwel Dog Puzzle Slow Feeder£11.99, Amazon

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