How to lose a stone in 21 days

Weight loss is tricky, especially when you have been confined to your house for four months. But is it really possible to shed a stone in just 21 days? Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind a diet which is claimed to help you lose a stone in three weeks. He will be revealing his diet secrets and tips to stay fuller for longer so that shifting a stone is actually easier than it looks. 

Doctor Michael Mosley puts five volunteers on a low-calorie diet to help get their health back on track after the UK's Covid-19 lockdown. There are three episodes of the series, the first series Michael has done for Channel 4. In the first episode, Michael runs a series of tests to find out just how badly lockdown has affected his volunteers' health, before creating a bespoke diet plan for the 21 days.

Michael's top tips for weight loss - the three Fs


Did you know that many of us are walking around in a constant state of dehydration, totally unaware of the health risk being dehydrated poses? Michael says, "When you're not getting enough water, you'll be sluggish, lethargic, and most likely mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking plenty of water can help you feel fuller for longer, so make sure you stay hydrated.” 


We've been told all our lives to avoid fat. In response, the food industry has offered a range of sugar-laden low-fat 'diet' foods; obesity rates, meanwhile, continue to soar. But certain types of fat are actually good for you. Michael suggests, "olive oil, nuts, oily fish and (in moderation) full-fat dairy products” to feel fuller for longer.


The more fibre you eat, the happier your gut will be. Michael says, "Fibre promotes a better gut microbiome, increasing the levels of good-mood chemicals that are picked up by your brain. In addition, fibre induces the release of a chemical called "PYY” which reduces appetite. To feel fuller for longer, pile your plate with fresh vegetables (especially greens), unprocessed grains and legumes.”