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How to stop your back 'locking up' in lockdown

Has your body 'locked up' during lockdown? After almost a year of home-working and slouching on the sofa, our bodies are in need of some serious TLC.

From correcting your posture to solving that pain in the neck, osteopath Garry Trainer is here with his life-changing advice.

The stretches we should do to avoid aches

As well as taking regularly breaks from sitting at our screens and making practical adjustments to make our screens as eye-level as possible, Garry recommends these simple yet important stretches to keep us all ache and pain-free.


  • Start by shrugging your shoulders up and down

  • Rotate your shoulders in circular motions forwards and backwards

  • It also helps to make your shoulder blades touch to stretch out the shoulders


  • Move your neck from side to side to the furthest point it will go

  • Then, lean your neck backwards and forwards

  • Finish by rotating your neck to each side to its furthest point


  • Start lying down

  • Instead of standing up and reaching your toes, a safer way to get the same results is to lie down and bring your knees up to your chest as close as they will go

  • Then, line your knees up and lean your legs side to side, while keeping your upper body facing forward

  • Lastly, lay fully on your side and bring one knee into your chest, while stretching your other leg out straight

  • You can also use a roller to stretch out your back

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm