Finally, we meet #BigDog Hulk!

Most mums would baulk at letting their three year old wrestle with one of the world's most dangerous dog breeds, let alone one that weighed 12st 7lbs. But Lisa Grennan and her husband Marlon are more than happy to let their son Jordan play with their beloved pitbull Hulk - believed to be the largest of his kind in the world.

Hulk has become an internet sensation with millions watching videos of him playing or being weighed. One clip of the him howling along as Jordan plays the harmonica has attracted 1,116,582m views. The family have even been offered a reality TV series by a number of different production companies keen to film their humungous hound. But looking after a dog this size is not easy, or cheap, as he munches his way through 4lbs of ground beef a day - equivalent to 20 Big Macs! Today Lisa, Marlon, Jordan and Hulk join us from New Hampshire via live link.

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