I bit off my attacker's tongue

[I thought] I’m going to make sure this person gets the treatment that they need.

Adele Barber on making sure her attacker was caught

​Speaking for the first time since her attacker was jailed last week, we hear the story of Adele Barber, ​who ​was cornered and sexually assaulted in an alleyway by a stranger.

But when the man put his tongue in her mouth, the quick-thinking mum bit it off in the hope the DNA evidence would help catch and convict the attacker. And thanks to her level-headed determination and bravery, last week a conviction was made.

Adele joins Phill​i​p and Christine to talk about fighting off her assailant, how she has overcome the attack to become a stronger person and the importance of breaking down the taboos surrounding sexual assaults.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

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