I can't live without cannabis

It's a debate that continues to court controversy and was brought to our attention once again last night on Coronation Street when Izzy Armstrong, who has recently turned to cannabis to control her chronic pain, was duped by a local drug dealer. Someone who can sympathise with Izzy is Penny Fitzlyon who says she has no choice but to use the drug to ease the crippling pain caused by her Multiple Sclerosis. But what other health implications could cannabis lead to and will the drug ever be legalised in Britain?

Professor Mike Barnes is here today along with Penny and Peter Carroll who is currently spearheading a new campaign to help the one million users in Britain take their pain relief without the risk of becoming criminals.

But what do you think? Should cannabis be decriminalised for medical use? Are you a user who is afraid of prosecution or perhaps you feel strongly about how cannabis would be controlled even if it was only legalised for medicinal purposes? Professor Mike Barnes will be taking your calls - a little later.

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