Is the changing weather giving you headaches?

As the weather turns and the temperature drops, the change in pressure can lead to a rise in headaches for many of us.

Dr Zoe explains the difference between a headache and a migraine, why stress could be a factor, and what you can do to clear your mind and eliminate the pain.

What can you do at home to relieve symptoms?

- Apply an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the affected areas of the head and neck

- Avoid caffeine and alcohol

- Take a warm, relaxing bath or shower and resting

- Avoid noisy or brightly lit areas

When should you go and visit your doctor?

You should see your doctor if your headaches are affecting your quality of life. If you suspect that your headaches are related to the weather changes, let your doctor know about this pattern. Dr Zoe says: "It is important that if you are getting lots of headaches, they are worsening or you are having unusual symptoms with them that you call your local GP surgery. Sometimes very high blood pressure can cause headaches so it's important that people do go and get checked by their doctor if they notice anything unusual."