Is your child's runny nose a sign of coronavirus, or a cold?

It’s the question countless parents want the answer to - could my child’s runny nose be a sign of coronavirus? With the new school term fully underway - cases of coughs, colds and common viruses are rife among playgrounds and classrooms. But which symptoms do we need to take seriously?

Dr Chris has the answer - along with his guide to boosting your immune system as we head into autumn.

Dr Chris' three-point plan to boost your immune system

1. YOGHURT: The gut has trillions of ‘friendly’ bacteria which are needed to send messages around the immune system, and keep it working efficiently. 

  • Yoghurts contain probiotics which feed and nourish the bacteria

  • Dr Chris recommends plain Greek (or Greek style) yoghurt as part of your breakfast each day 

2. BEANS (OR BANANAS): All beans (whether baked, pinto or black) are prebiotics; and are good for your gut. 

  • But if you can’t get the ones you want, have a banana instead! 

3. VITAMIN D3: This is needed to keep us healthy and naturally comes from sunlight. 

  • The D3 refers to the vitamin in its most ‘active’ form, and can be consumed in  tablet form

  • You can buy vitamin D3 tablets in pharmacies or health food stores

  • Older people are often low in vitamin D