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It's fish taco Friday - Quick to make and loaded with flavour

It’s fish supper Friday! We’re ending the week with a simple but delicious dish that is quick to make and loaded with flavour….fish tacos! And who better to rustle up a traditional Mexican meal than Mexican-born chef Santiago Lastra.Making his This Morning debut, Santiago’s Baja fish tacos are so good you might have to make them every Friday!

Baja fish tacos

Makes 6 tacos


For the batter

2 tsp Marmite, (optional)

180ml sparkling water

8 tbsp plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

For the cucumber and pistachio guacamole

1 garlic clove, roasted and chopped

1 serrano chilli pepper, or green Thai chilli, roasted and chopped

1 onion, finely diced

½ cucumber, diced

2 lemons, juiced

50g pistachio nuts, shelled

6 mint leaves, finely chopped

10 coriander leaves, finely chopped

Dash of rapeseed oil

For the chipotle cream 

2 tsp chipotle chilli

4 tsp mayonnaise

Sunflower oil, for deep-frying

120g of pollock fillet, or any other white fish, cut into 4x2cm batons

Plain flour, for dusting

To serve

100g pickled red cabbage (can be brought in the supermarket)

¼ white cabbage, finely sliced

6 flour tortillas (12cm ones if possible)

1 fresh habanero chilli, sliced


1. To make the batter, dissolve the Marmite (if using) into the sparkling water, then whisk in the plain flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

2. For the guacamole, place the garlic clove and chilli in a dry pan and cook over a high heat until blackened. Leave to cool, then peel the garlic clove and deseed the chilli. Finely chop both, then mix with the onion, cucumber and lemon juice.

3. Use a food processor or pestle and mortar to grind the pistachios into a coarse powder, then add this to the onion mixture with the herbs. Mix until combined, adding a little rapeseed oil if needed, then taste for seasoning and set aside. The finished consistency should be like a cream or thick paste.

4. For the chipotle cream, mix together the ingredients, using a stick blender or food processor to create a smooth dressing. Set aside.

5. Fill a deep pan or wok one-third full with sunflower oil and heat to 170°C. Dust the pieces of fish in the flour, then dip into the batter, ensuring they are fully covered. Deep-fry in the oil for a few minutes until cooked through, golden brown and crisp, then place on some paper towels to drain (you may need to do this in batches).

6. To serve, mix the cabbage with the sliced chilli. Heat up the tortillas in a dry frying pan, then line each one with the cabbage mixture. Place the pieces of fish on top, then drizzle the chipotle cream over the top. Finish with the guacamole.

7. Serve and enjoy.

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