IVF, donor conception and surrogacy helplines

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on IVF donor conception and surrogacy

NHS Choices - IVF


Information on IVF from NHS Choices including why, when and how it should be performed and with links to other useful resources.

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA)


The UK's independent regulator overseeing safe and appropriate practice in fertility treatment and embryo research

National Gamete Donation Trust

Helpline: 07434 626 411


Practical information for those wishing to donate eggs and sperm, and those requiring treatment with donor gametes

The Donor Conception Network

Tel: 07434 626 411


Telling your child

We are a supportive network of 1,700 mainly UK based families with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, those considering or undergoing donor conception procedures; and donor conceived people. If you or members of your family are affected by any of these issues, you have come to the right place! We welcome to this site couples and individuals – heterosexual, lesbian, gay, single, married, divorced or cohabiting - who are facing issues about donor conception at any stage, and would like to hear the experiences of those of us who have been there before. We also welcome professionals working in this area and donor conceived adults.

The Donor Conceived Register

Helpline: 0845 643 6353


This contact register, formerly known as UK DonorLink (UKDL), has been set up to enable people conceived through donated sperm or eggs, their donors and half-siblings to exchange information and, where desired, to contact each other. The register is available throughout the UK and is intended for anyone who donated in a UK clinic or was conceived following treatment in a UK clinic before August 1991. The register has been running since 2004 leading to several links between donors and their donor offspring and donor offspring sharing the same donor. Contact has taken place in various ways, dependent on the wishes of the parties involved. Information can be shared via an independent third party, emails can be exchanged or people can meet up.

Fertility Network UK

Helpline: 01424 732 361Support Line: 0121 323 5025


Fertility Network UK provides free and impartial support, advice, information and understanding for anyone affected by fertility issues. We are the nation’s leading patient-focused fertility charity and are here on a practical and emotional level whatever your experience of fertility issues to offer support services, information and access to a community of people affected by fertility problems.

Fertility Friends


We are the Leading infertility community in the UK, with members at every stage of their journey.

Infertility, Adoption, Parenting after infertility and Moving on - Our community is there to help you every single step of the way.

Surrogacy UK


UK voluntary organisation that provides help and advice to surrogates, intended parents and anyone with an interest in surrogacy.

Dr Larisa


Come and join me as I share my latest health, nutrition, wellness, fitness and beauty tips that will not only make you feel and look good, but hopefully also give you the biggest result you’re after, and that’s a pregnancy. Whether you’re trying naturally, or undergoing treatment, all these tools are just as applicable.