James Martin's knickerbocker glory and banana split

We’re on to the sweet and James Martin is putting his twist on two retro puddings, perfect for sunny days - a peach knickerbocker glory and a banana split! 

Peach knickerbocker glory 

Serves: 4


Basil sauce

1 large bunch basil

50g caster sugar

50ml water

8 apricots or peaches halved

To serve

500ml Whipped cream

Few strawberries hulled

Toasted almonds


Large Pink chocolate buttons



1. Heat the sugar and water in a pan, once dissolved add the basil then blitz and sieve off into a bowl

2. Griddle the apricots or peaches on a BBQ until charred

3. To serve, put the charred fruit in the bottom of the glass. Spoon over the sauce, followed by a scoop of ice- cream, then strawberries and repeat this sequence. Pipe the cream on top, drizzle over the sauce and finish with nuts sprinkles and a wafer.

Banana Split 

Serves: 2


4 bananas

2 sprigs rosemary

For the chocolate sauce

50 ml water

50g caster sugar

100g dark chocolate

25g butter

To serve

Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate flakes or twirls


Whipped cream


1. Heat a BBQ until hot and the coals are white

2. Pearce the bananas and pop in the rosemary then grill on the BBQ for 5 minutes

3. To make the sauce heat the water and sugar and when dissolved whisk in the chocolate and finish with butter.

4. Split the banana in ½ lengthways and sit each side of the dish, fill the centre with ice cream, top with chocolate sauce, marshmallows cream and crumbled chocolate flake.

5. Serve and enjoy!