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James Martin's perfect pizza at home

We’re getting a double helping of James Martin in the kitchen today, and first up, he’s showing us just how easy it is to make the perfect pizza at home.

Margherita pizza

Makes: 5 large pizzas


For the dough

800g 00 flour (or strong bread flour)

18g fresh or dried yeast

200g semolina flour

650ml water

1tsp salt

1tsp sugar

Extra semolina flour for rolling

To top

400g tinned san marzano tomatoes blitzed

Mozzarella cheese

Pecorino cheese grated


Olive oil


1. Place all the ingredients for the dough into a food mixer with a dough hook attachment. Mix on a slow speed for 8-10 minutes. Tip onto a surface dusted in semolina flour and shape into 5 even size balls. Cover and pop in the fridge overnight.

2. When ready to cook, heat a pizza oven until hot or alternatively place a pizza stone into an oven at 200c for 30 minutes

3. Using more semolina flour, roll the dough out as thin as you dare

4. Top with the tomato, cheeses and basil and drizzle in olive oil, then place into the pizza oven, or onto the pizza stone. Bake until crisp and bubbling in the centre.

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