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James Martin's sausage and bean cassoulet

James is back with a bang, cooking us a one-pot sausage dinner inspired by a dish on the menu at his restaurant. James gives us a gourmet family meal using inexpensive store cupboard essentials to make a warming, hearty cassoulet. 

Sausage and bean cassoulet

Serves: 4


50g butter1 tbsp veg oil6 toulouse sausages

For the cassoulet

200ml stock or jus 1 shallot, peeled and diced1 carrot peeled and diced1 stick celery diced1 leek, diced Few sprigs of rosemary300g jar of haricot beans, drained2 cloves garlic (roasted whole in the oven until soft and then the cloves removed) 1 glass white wine50ml double creamSalt and pepperSplash of sherry vinegar1 small bunch parsley, chopped

* Deep fried sage leaves to serve - optional


1. Heat a large nonstick pan until hot and add a knob of butter and veg oil. Then add the sausages and cook until browned, add the stock or jus and cook for 2-3 minutes. 

2. In another pan, add a knob of the butter then add the shallot, celery, carrot, leek and rosemary.

3. Add the beans, garlic and then pour in the white wine, cream and cook for 2-3 minutes

4. Season with salt and pepper and sherry vinegar to taste. Add chopped parsley to finish. 

5. Pile the beans onto serving plates and top with the sausages. Drizzle in olive oil and top with the deep fried sage leaves if desired.

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