James Martin's summer pudding

He’s back to help kick off our summer with a delicious dessert - James Martin’s recipe for the classic English summer pudding combines all the classic flavours you most often associate with the hot weather.

Summer pudding

Serves: 4


12 thin slices white bread

500g strawberries, hulled and quartered

400g raspberries

100g blackberries

To decorate


White currants


Clotted cream


1. Oil four small bowls / dishes then line with cling film

2. Place half of the strawberries and half the raspberries into a blender and blitz, then sieve into a bowl

3. Cut the bread into 4 small circles and 4 large circles. Remove the crusts and cut the rest into rectangles. Dip all the pieces in the fruit puree and use to cover the bottom and sides of the dishes.

4. Mix the remaining berries with 4 tbsp of the puree and use to fill the middle of the puddings. Top with the large circle, squash down and wrap in cling film. You can serve these immediately, or chill in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight.

5. To serve, tip onto plates and pour over any remaining sauce. Decorate with the mint, berries, and a spoonful of clotted cream.