James Martin's Whitby scampi in a basket

James Martin is finally back with us in the studio today, and he’s brought a taste of Yorkshire with him. He’s recreating the UK’s best fish and chips, making traditional Whitby scampi in a basket.

Whitby scampi in a basket

Serves: 6



3 egg yolks

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

200ml veg oil

1 lemon juice 


250g self raising gluten free flour

250ml cider

1 tsp salt


300g raw langoustines de veined

300g raw shelled prawns

300g monkfish tail, cut into 2 cm chunks

To serve

Lemon wedges


1. Heat some vegetable oil to 180C in a deep fat fryer

2. To make the mayo, put the egg yolks and Dijon into a small food processor. Whilst blitzing slowly, drizzle in the oil and when thick, add the lemon juice. Set aside ready for serving. 

3. Mix all of the ingredients together for the batter, then add in the shrimp, langoustine and monkfish and coat completely

4. Fry the fish in batches until golden and then drain onto kitchen paper. Season with salt. 

5. To serve, pile into a basket with a dollop of mayo and a lemon wedge