Exclusive: The Brit jailed for touching a man's hip in Dubai

I think it's a great country but the laws are so vulnerable and now I know what it's like first-hand. Things can escalate so fast.

Jamie says visitors to Dubai need to be wary

It's a story that will strike fear into the 1.5 million Brits who visit Dubai every year. What was meant to be a fun night out in the Emirate ended with Jamie Harron being arrested, losing his job and facing years in prison. His crime? The 27-year-old electrician was accused of public indecency after brushing past a businessman in a crowded bar, and was later sentenced to three months in prison. Jamie has now been freed after the Sheikh ruler stepped in and has since flown back to his family in Scotland.

In a TV exclusive, Jamie joins us to recount his terrifying ordeal.