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Jason Vale's super-fast superfood juices

2021 isn't cancelled after all! Jason Vale is back with his super-fast superfood juices to help us get back to optimal health before seeing our friends and family. 

Turbo Express

2 apples30g spinach2.5cm cucumber½ stalk celery1/4 lime (peeled, leave pith on)1/4 avocadoSmall handful of ice (optional)

Jason says: The avocado has essential fats which help to regulate the appetite. The cucumber is a natural diuretic which helps with bloating etc. Because the ingredients have pretty much been pre-digested by the plants, it's incredibly easy for the body to digest and absorb."

Ginger Shot

1 apple2.5cm ginger root

Jason says: "Ginger is 'Dr Juice' and is a natural antibiotic, antihistamine and anti-fungal. The ginger shot acts as a great alternative to an espresso as it gives you a little lift in the morning."

Super Chute

2 apples1.4 carrot30g spinach 50g kale½ stalk celery 1.5cm broccoli stem1.5cm beetroot1/3 lemon (unwaxed)1.5cm ginger rootSmall handful of ice (optional)

Jason says: "Raw beetroot is the king here, loaded with nitrates. These help to widen the blood vessels and therefore oxygen uptake is increased, vital for these times with a respiratory condition like COVID."

Lemon ginger zinger

2 carrots2 apples1/3 lemon (unwaxed)2.5cm ginger tootSmall handful of ice (optional)

Jason says: "Carrot is the star here and it's rich in pro vitamin A, beta-carotene, helping to protect the body from illness."

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