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Supersmeller who can sniff out Parkinson's disease

'It's a very strong, musky smell

Joy Milne can smell Parkinson's Disease

We've heard about dogs who can sniff out cancer, we've even covered it on the show before. But have you ever heard of a human who can sniff out disease?

Joy Milne discovered that she could sniff out Parkinson's disease after her husband was diagnosed with the condition 20 years ago.

''It's a very strong, musky smell," She told Ruth and Eamonn. ''Once people have been diagnosed, the smell can change as it progresses."

Doctors have now said that Joy's special skill could facilitate further research and help them with preventative treatment.

''It's unusual to be such a super sniffer and actually it's amazing that you were able to pick this up and raise this avenue for research,'' said Dr Monah.

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