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Juliet Sear's cheat's guide to a showstopper birthday cake!

There are more birthdays in September than any other month, yet a third of UK adults no longer receive a birthday cake, with 32 being the age the candles are snuffed out! So, if you have a birthday coming up but baking isn’t your forte, fret not - Juliet Sear is here to help you cheat your way to a showstopper of a birthday cake. 

Bring back the birthday cake - Cheats showstopper!

Serves up to 20


3 x 410g Victoria sponge cakes

2 x 400g shop bought vanilla buttercream

Sweets, to cover the cake (lots!)


1. Level of the cakes so that they are even on top.

2. Layer the cakes on top of each other, with the icing between the sponges and around the edges. 

3. Use more buttercream to completely coat the cake. 

4. Cover the cake in the sweets, in a jigsaw like way.

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV