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Juliet's apple crumble with a twist

Just this week it was voted the nation’s favourite dessert - so today Juliet’s making her traditional apple crumble with a toffee twist! It’s the ultimate sweet treat perfect for those dark Autumn evenings.

Toffee Apple Crumble


For the filling

6 Bramley apples (peeled and chopped, cored removed - weight should be approx. 550-600g (or you can use Braeburn but they might need a little longer cooking)

Zest of 1 lemon

5 balls stem ginger in syrup, chopped

50g caster sugar

For the topping

200g self raising flour

140g chilled unsalted butter, cubed

40g light muscovado sugar

40g golden caster or regular caster sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

For the sauce

250g light muscovado sugar

120g unsalted butter

300g double cream

1 tbsp black treacle

½ tsp saltMethod

1. Grease a 1.5 litre dish with butter. 

2. Firstly, cook the apples, ginger, lemon zest, sugar and 225ml of water in a large, lidded saucepan, gently, stirring occasionally until softening a little and the juices have slightly thickened. They should still hold their shape, don’t allow them to go mushy. Transfer to a greased ovenproof dish once cooked.

3. Meanwhile, place the flour, sugars, cinnamon, and butter into a mixing bowl and rub with your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs. Alternatively, you can do this in a food processor for speed.

4. Scatter onto the apples and bake at 170C/ Gas 5 for 40-45 mins until golden and bubbling.

5. While it’s baking make the toffee sauce. Put the butter, sugar, treacle, salt and 150g double cream in a saucepan over low-medium heat and stir gently until the sugar dissolves.

6. Once sugar dissolves, let it bubble and simmer for a few mins until the sauce is a little thicker, smooth, and silky then remove from heat then stir in rest of the cream. Pop the lid on to keep warm until serving. 

7. When ready to serve, spoon the crumble into a bowl and pour over with toffee sauce. Serve with clotted cream, cream or custard, if liked.

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm