Keep the kids busy with easy Easter crafts

The arrival of Easter has put home-schooling on hold, leaving many parents wondering how to entertain their children.

Home Genie Georgina Burnett shows us the best Easter craft for the whole family in the video above, with step-by-step guides below.

Papîer-maché eggs as ‘fakes’

Papîer-maché eggs as ‘fakes’

  • Blow a balloon to the desired size (or you can use a hollowed out egg shell)

  • Cut square pieces of newspaper out (the smaller they are the neater the finish but is takes longer to do)

  • Use watered down paper glue or a mixture of one cup of flour to one cup of water

  • Paint the paste onto the balloon, add the square and seal with paste on the top and smooth any creases

  • Overlap each square a little until the whole balloon is covered. Let each layer dry!

  • For small eggs you need 3 or 4 layers, for a large one you might need as many as 8 layers

  • Pop the balloon and add a couple of layers over the hole and then paint

  • You can then either cut a large hole out of the front to fill with eggs, or add a ribbon or string to hang it, or just leave as a dummy egg

Family of eggs

Family of eggs

Simply decorate your eggs with pens or paint!

Chics and clues!

Chics and clues!

- A ‘chic’ (a paper fortune teller painted) that gives hints as to where the clues are hidden.

- Leave paper cut-out clues on toothpicks placed around the house!

Easter egg shy

Easter egg shy

  • Cut toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes to different heights

  • Glue 3 or 4 to a piece of cardboard. Then paint!

  • Place different sized Easter eggs on top

  • You can use a ball or a rolled up pair of socks to try and knock the eggs off – if you succeed you can eat it!

Bunny ring toss

Bunny ring toss

  • Paint 3 bottles

  • Decorate with felt or card to make a bunny face and ears

  • Using a paper plate of card, cut a ring shape

  • You throw the ring over the bottle, the furthest bottle away is worth the most points

Bunny football table

Bunny football table

  • Cut the flaps off a cardboard box and keep to one side

  • Cut out 2 goals at either end of the box

  • Use skewer sticks, or cling film tubes, or any kind of bar, for the control bars

  • Make 4 equidistant holes on the sides and feed through the bars

  • Cut out 2 bunny shapes from the flaps and stick to the bars

  • If you’re really serious you could make a goal chart for each end by string beads to a stick or piece of string and stick above the goals

  • Use a ping pong ball or scrunch up a piece of newspaper to make a ball

Rainbow place mat

  • Fold pieces of newspaper, or coloured paper into long strips

  • Spread glue and twirl into a circle. Keep adding layers until you reach the desired size

  • You can then paint if necessary and seal with glue or varnish

Eggs painted as Phillip and Holly