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This Morning launches the 'Be Kind' campaign

Today we launch This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign to offer key advice and an anti-bullying message following recent powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families.

The campaign will be launched after the huge response the programme received when Lucy Alexander - the mother of Felix Alexander, 17 - and Nicola Harteveld - the mother of 14-year-old Megan Evans - shared the tragic stories of how their children committed suicide after being bullied.

Viewers will pledge to watch the moving interviews with Lucy and Nicola via our website with their children so that they know they can ask for help and how important it is to be kind.

Agony aunt Deidre Sanders, psychotherapists Nik and Eva Speakman and Dr Ranj will be staying on long after the show finishes to continue taking calls and giving advice to concerned parents or children.

Phillip Schofield said, “I think the interviews we did with these poor mums will live with me forever. The stunned grief was heartbreaking. Two lovely young people who, because of bullying felt they had no other option but to take their lives and by doing so, destroy their families. If you're feeling like this PLEASE talk to someone, share how you feel, there is always a solution if you open up. I'm 100% behind this campaign. I hope we can save young lives and show the bullies how catastrophic one tweet, one snapchat or one text can be.”

Holly Willoughby added, “We really want this to help children, their families… and even bullies themselves to realise what they are doing. It’s fantastic that so many schools have already asked to show our interview to pupils. How much better would the world be if everyone was just that bit kinder to each other?”

The campaign also has the full backing of the mothers that helped inspire this action against bullying. Lucy Alexander said, “I am so happy to support the This Morning Be Kind campaign as I want parents, teachers and children to all think about what they can do to help raise awareness of bullying and supporting each other. We all have a choice in everything we say and do, and we can choose to be kind, it really is that simple.”

Nicola Harteveld, added, “This Morning's Be Kind campaign will save many, many lives. I think it is phenomenal that bullying and the devastating effects it has are being exposed in schools. So many are affected each and every day by bullies who do not realise the torment they put their victims through and how overwhelming that can be. Children need to understand there are consequences to their actions and be aware of the devastating toll it takes on lives."

This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign will continue throughout the year with many of the This Morning family talking of their own experiences of being bullied, powerful messages from celebrity guests, as well as the ongoing support from experts.

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