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Lynsey Crombie's crazy cleaning hacks that really work!

February is ending, and spring is just on the horizon, but are those rays of sunshine highlighting the unwelcome dust and dirt lurking in your hallways? From hacks to make your windows gleam, to tips for deep cleaning your kitchen, our Queen of Clean is here to make your home sparkle this spring.

Kitchen hacks:

How to get your microwave sparkling:With the use of lemons and an Angry Mama! A great little device that helps to steam clean your microwave.

How to disinfect your dirty sponges in the microwave Put the sponge in the microwave, then heat it on high for one minute. This is a great hack to get rid of all the germs.

How to get your chopping boards looking like new Scrub up your chopping board with half a lemon and salt and then treat it with coconut oil to keep it in good condition.

How to get rid of the nasty fridge smellAll you need to do is put bicarb in the fridge to soak up odours

How to bring your baking trays backYou can get rid of burnt food from baking trays with tumble dryer sheets!

Bathroom hacks:

How to get your bath and shower gleamingScrub your bath or shower screen with half a lemon and salt, the same method we used for the chopping board! An all-over solution.

How to remove limescale from your loo Pour flat gone-off cola down the loo will help remove limescale and down the sink to clear gunk.

Living area hacks:

Want to refresh your old-looking rugs and door mats? Refresh rugs and door mats with bicarb and essential oils.

Need an all-over cleaning solution?Make up a multipurpose cleaning mix using vinegar and lemon peel, the lemon will take away the vinegar smell as it infuses it, then use it on all surfaces.

Can't get rid of coffee stains on your wooden furniture? Just use a bit of toothpaste and this will come straight off.

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm