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Lynsey Crombie's tips to banish pet odours for good!

More people than ever have welcomed a pet into their family during lockdown, but have they brought unexpected mess into your lives too?

From odd odours, to mud and stains, pets aren’t always the tidiest house guests. But ‘fur’ not! Our Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie is here with the hacks you need to reclaim your home. 

Products featured

  • Rugking Absorbent Doormat, £17.99

  • Blue Paw Cleaner, £8.99

  • Super Absorbent Pet Towel, £7.99 

  • Naturally Gone Pet Odour And Stain Remover, £7.97

  • 1001 Carpet Fresh Pet, £2

  • Be:Pure Candle, £12.99

  • Febreze Pet Heavy Duty Air Mist, £4

  • Pet Laundry Hair Rubber Discs, £11.99

  • Vamoosh, £6.50

  • Beldray, £9.79

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV