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Make your own World Book Day costumes

Schools across the country will ask their pupils to dress up as characters from the land of literature tomorrow. But if you’ve not picked up an outfit yet, or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, never fear.

Our craft gal Sophie Prescott has the best costumes for parents to make in time for the big day.

The Hungry Caterpillar


- Green cotton tights

- Stripy socks

- Green PJ long sleeved top (has green sleeves)

- Red beanie hat

Materials for costume:

- A2 green card or 2 sides of a large cardboard box

- A2 Dark green card or dark green paint

- A2 Brown card

- A4 sheet lime green paper

- A4 sheet yellow paper

- Purple pipe cleaners

- Pink gems

- Duck tape

- Double sided sticky tape

- Red Ribbon

- Stapler

- Measuring tape/ruler

- Scissors

- Pen/Pencil

- Paper

Harry Potter


- School trousers

- School shoes

- White School shirt

- Red and yellow tie

Materials for costume:

- Black fabric for gown (this can be old table cloth, curtains or fabric from a shop)

- Wooden stick (from garden)

- Paper

- Scissors

- Chalk

- Safety Pins

- Measuring tape

- Tape

- Burgundy nail polish (to paint tie)

- Home printer (to print off glasses template and gown badge)

- Eyeliner (for scar)

Gangster Granny


* Bandit eye mask

* Granny style' blouse or cardy

* Old slippers

* Tights that are too big so they can wrinkle around the ankles

* Sack-style bag filled with scrumpled up paper

* A granny wig


-Grey Cardigan


-Black skirt

-Grey tights


Materials for costume:

-Hessian sack or Black bin bag


-Black fabric (for robber mask)

-Grey card

-Grey wool


-Double sided sticky




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