Marion Bartoli: I'm wasting away, and I don't know why

I just really want people to understand, I don't do this to myself on purpose, what I'm going through is absolutely horrendous

Marion Bartoli

Once criticised for being too curvy, Marion Bartoli stood up to her critics and not only took home the Wimbledon title, but forged a successful fashion career after she walked away from the tennis courts.

In recent weeks however, she has faced a fresh battle, after losing three stone due to what she describes as a mystery illness which she contracted in India. She claims the illness makes it impossible for her body to tolerate any food, consequently her weight continues to plummet.

Now scarily thin at just over seven stone, Marion is terrified that the illness may make her dangerously ill. The former tennis champion joins us exclusively on This Morning sofa to tell us what the future may hold.

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