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Matt Hancock won't rule out second UK lockdown

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wouldn't rule out a second UK lockdown when challenged by Phillip and Holly on This Morning.

"We have seen this rise in cases and it’s a difficult moment, I called it a tipping point," he said. "If we do have to take action it will be different to last time, we’ve learned a huge amount about how to tackle the virus."

"We’re seeing the cases double every just over a week so that’s why we’re talking about this now and thinking about the action that we need to take now," he continued.

Hancock went on to explain how he wanted to avoid a similar scenario to the first UK lockdown by keeping schools and workplaces open in the event of further measures being introduced.

"We've seen relatively few cases caught through schools and relatively few through people at work," he said. "The return to school has gone really well and likewise, most employers have got Covid secure procedures in place."

"That means we can protect schools and keep schools open - we’re determined to do that."

Holly challenged the Health Secretary about the government's track record, suggesting that while the general public have done their bit, those in power failed to do their bit by producing a working track and trace system or a successful testing regime.

She also asked him if people would be "able to hug our grandparents" by Christmas.

"I want Christmas to be as normal as possible and the more that we can control the virus now and stop the spread now, the easier it’s going to be to have a Christmas that’s as near to normal as possible," Hancock said.

Phillip asked the Health Secretary if we'd still be able to visit pubs next weekend and he refused to rule it out - or in.

"We’ll be very clear about changes we need to make in the near future," he responded.

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