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Nisha Katona's serving up a sunshine feast - Spicy barbeque!

If you’re already fed up with burgers and hot dogs, Nisha Katona’s here to transform your barbecue with a touch of spice.

She’s serving up a sunshine feast today, as she cooks her delicious roasted spiced sweetcorn, and perfect pork skewers.

Spiced Tequila Pork Skewers

Serves 2 - 4


500g diced pork belly or shoulder

4 skewers, soaked


4 tbsp tequila or a good glug

1 tsp cumin powder 

2 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tsp salt

Juice of a lime, a big juicy one

3 tbsp runny honey 

Pinch of chilli powder (1/4 tsp)


1. To make the marinade for the pork, combine all ingredients in a bowl, then add the pork and rub well. Marinade overnight if you can.

2. When ready to eat, preheat the barbecue to 200C.

3. Take the skewers and carefully place the pork onto them about ⅔ of the way.

4. Place the skewers on the barbecue or grill for about eight minutes each side until tender, a little charred and cooked through. Serve with the corn and potato salad - recipes below.

Street hawker sweetcorn

Serves 2


1 tsp of tequila

1 tsp paprika powder

Pinch chilli powder

¼ tsp celery salt 

½ tsp rock salt

1 tbsp sesame oil 

2 corn on the cob 

1 lime


1. Preheat the barbecue or grill to 200C. 

2. In a small bowl, mix together the tequila, paprika, chilli powder, celery salt and oil and set aside. 

3. Cook your sweetcorn on the barbecue or under the grill for roughly 5 minutes on each side, rotating. Just before it is finished, take half a lime and press it into the tequila mixture and use it to rub the mixture onto the sweetcorn. Return the corn to the barbecue or under the grill for a last sizzle on all sides.

4. Once removed from the barbecue, use the lime to apply a bit more of the fresh zingy mixture if you like before eating it - it’s punchy.

Summer potato salad

Serves 2


Extra virgin olive oil

Handful chopped chives

Handful chopped coriander

Juice of half a lemon 

Good pinch of rock salt

300g salad potatoes, boiled and halved


1. In a bowl, mix together the dressing ingredients, then add the potatoes and gently mix through again. Serve alongside the pork skewers and corn.

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