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Nisha's keema shepherd's pie

Giving the classic shepherd’s pie an Indian twist, Nisha is back in the kitchen to spice up our Thursday!

Full of flavour, her lamb keema shepherd’s pie is the perfect dish to feed the family.  

Keema shepherd's pie

Serves 4-6


For the topping

4 large sweet potatoes, peeled and boiled to soft or better still boiled in skin and peeled 

3 medium white floury potatoes, boiled 

Knob of butter

A splash of whole milk

Salt and pepper

For the keema

80ml vegetable oil

2 white onions, finely diced

5cm of fresh root ginger, peeled and grated

3 garlic cloves, minced

500g lean lamb mince

200g canned chopped tomatoes

200g canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed

¼ tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp chilli powder

2 tsp ground cumin

2 ¼ tsp garam masala

1 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

50g frozen peas

1 large green chilli, deseeded and finely sliced

½ small bunch of fresh coriander, roughly chopped


1. Put the oil in a large heavy pan and set over a medium-high heat. When hot, add the diced onions, ginger and garlic and fry for 6 minutes until the onions are translucent and soft. 

2. Add the minced lamb and fry for a further 5 minutes or until the lamb is coloured all over, breaking up any large lumps with a fork. Add the canned tomatoes, chickpeas, ground turmeric, chilli powder, ground cumin, garam masala, salt and sugar and 200ml of water and bring up to the boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook gently for 50-60 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more water if necessary. 

3. Preheat the oven to 180C. 

4. Five minutes before the cooking time of the keema is finished, add the frozen peas and sliced green chilli. Once the peas are cooked, check for seasoning and add more salt if necessary. Stir through the fresh chopped coriander, then place the mix into a rectangular dish and allow to cool slightly.

5. Meanwhile, take your boiled potatoes and mash them together, add a good knob of butter, a splash of whole milk and salt and pepper and mix through. 

6. Fork the mash over the top of the keema in the dish, then bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes until golden and bubbling. 

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