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Numerology: Does your birth date decide your fate?

It’s an ancient branch of wisdom similar to astrology - but instead of looking to the planets for guidance, numerology finds meaning through numbers. It’s believed that the date on which you are born is the most important figure in our lives, and can completely shape our future. We’re joined by Kaitlyn Kaerhart as she explains this method of predicting the future, as well as telling Dermot and Rochelle what their own birth dates mean.

Numerology is the ancient belief system that believes in the power of numbers. It's rooted in the fact that your date of birth determines your future. You can use your date of birth to calculate your 'life path'. You do this by writing down your date of birth and then reducing it to a single digit. For example someone born on 01/02/2001 - 0+1 =1 / 0+2 =2 / 2+0+0+1 = 3 / 1+2+3 = 6. Your 'life path' will be one of 9 different numbers, or one of three 'master numbers' - 11,22,33. - Dermot is a 'builder' and Rochelle is a 'nurturer'. 

So, what are the 12 types of people?

The following list describes all twelve types of people - according to their Life Path Number or Master Number.

1. The Independent Leader

They are visionaries and innovators. They will stumble and fall more than most and self-doubt is their biggest weakness. Famous Number 1s include Prince Harry.

2. The peacekeeper

They are sensitive, diplomatic people. They lead with the heart, not the head. Peacekeepers dislike confrontation and can feel hurt if plans go awry. Famous Number 2s include Jodie Foster and Pierce Brosnan.

3. The communicator

They are creative, enthusiastic people who are also inspirational. Known as the 'sunshine number', these people are true lovers of life. Communicators must learn to be patient and deal with conflict. Famous Number 3s include Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran.

4. The builder

They are practical, dependable people. Builders achieve success through constant hard and challenging work. They get their best results by sticking to a strict routine and strive to have a positive impact on the world around them. Builders have incredibly high standards. Famous Number 4s include Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Dermot O'Leary!

5. The traveller

They are impulsive and free-spirited. These people are not meant to stay in one place their whole life and like to push boundaries. Travellers run the risk of being somewhat selfish and get distracted easily. Famous 5s include JK Rowling, Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand.

6. The nurturer

They are responsible and motherly. This is one of the most love-centred numbers, and these people go above and beyond to help and care for others. Nurturers can be perfectionists and hold themselves to unreasonable standards. Famous 5s include Victoria Beckham, John Lennon and Rochelle Humes!

7. The seeker

They are introverted and knowledgeable. Seekers are very good at blocking out external factors and focusing on one thing only. They are very private people and often need to trust their gut more. Famous Number 7s include Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. The powerhouse

They are ambitious and money-driven. These are incredibly intense people who go after what they want with insatiable hunger. Powerhouse people can be overly materialistic. Famous Number 8s include Harry Styles and Jane Fonda.

9. The humanitarian

They are charitable and idealistic. A transformative and powerful number, humanitarians are driven by a desire to give back. The flip side is that they sometimes forget themselves on their quest to help others. Famous Number 9s include Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Yoko Ono.

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