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Our funniest Alison moments so far this year

Alison's garden makeover

Like a lot of people in lockdown, Alison decided to remodel her outside space. We hope your garden makeover went as well as this!

Alison trains the Jamaican bobsled team

It's the real-life Cool Runnings as Jamaica’s bobsled team come up with a new way to train for the Winter Olympics during lockdown - cue Alison Hammond in a Mini...

Alison makes her famous brownies

Just whatever you do Alison, don't forget the eggs! Ah...

Alison interviews a tree

Alison chats to The Allerton Oak in its hometown of Liverpool, to ask about its history and find out why this majestic oak should win Tree of the Year.

Alison's pancake cereal goes flying

Our newest chef Alison takes on the mini-pancake cereal challenge, with hilarious results!

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