Pack the perfect picnic with Alison!

With the warm weather continuing into the weekend, it’s the perfect time to plan a picnic. But if you’re struggling to decide what to add to your basket, Alison's in her garden with a few ideas!


MAKE YOUR HAMPER EASY TO TRANSPORTEnsure everything is easy to carry - some picnic spots are isolated and require long walks to reach them.

AVOID TOO MANY SWEET THINGSCakes and ice cream are fragile to transport, plus wasps and other insects love them.

LESS IS MOREPack your favourite things, and don't take too much - or you may end up wasting food once it’s been sitting out in the sun.

USE JAM JARSThey're a great way to take sauces or salad dressings with you.

KEEP IT COOLUse cool bags or an icebox to keep things cool & avoid any risk of food poisoning!

TIDY UPPack bags to take all your rubbish home, and wet wipes for wiping dirty fingers.