Pancreatic cancer helplines

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on pancreatic cancer

NHS Choices – Pancreatic Cancer

Find everything you need to know about Pancreatic Cancer including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, with links to other useful websites.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

To speak to a specialist nurse: 0808 801 0707

Pancreatic Cancer UK is a national charity striving for a good and long life for everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We work with specialists, research scientists, GPs, patients and their families both nationally and internationally to achieve this. We aim to give patients and their families access to the best possible support, information, treatment and care.

Pancreatic Cancer Action

Tel: 0303 040 1770

Too many people are diagnosed too late. We need to ‘change the numbers’ for pancreatic cancer by making more people aware of the symptoms and to understand the risks. We work to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer among both the public and medical communities, to improve the information available for patients and we provide educational courses for medical clinicians. We also fund research specifically to help improve early diagnosis.

MacMillan Cancer Care – Pancreatic Cancer

Call: 0808 808 00 00

Information on pancreatic cancer, including how it is diagnosed, treatments you might have, possible side effects and how to get further support. If you have any questions about cancer, need support, or if you just want someone to talk to, call the free helpline.

Cancer Help UK

Helpline: 0808 800 4040

Part of Cancer Research UK, CancerHelp UK is a free information service about cancer and cancer care for people with cancer and their families.

Nicki’s Smile Campaign

Campaigning to improve Pancreatic Cancer survival statistics

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Freephone: 0800 090 2309

We're here to help you to be cared for in your place of choice. Our network of Marie Curie Nurses can support you and your family at home, or one of our Marie Curie Hospices throughout the UK could help you to stay as independent as possible. More than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals help provide care for terminally ill patients in the community and in our hospices, along with support for their families.

Health Talk Online

Pancreatic cancer

DIPEx was created by Dr Ann McPherson CBE and Dr Andrew Herxheimer after their own experiences of illness. Ann had been diagnosed with breast cancer and although she knew all the medical information, couldn't find anyone else to talk to about what it was really like to have the disease. This, and Andrew's experience of knee replacement surgery, prompted them to come up with the innovative idea of a patient experience website. Healthtalkonline lets you share in more than 2,000 people's experiences of health and illness. You can watch or listen to videos of the interviews, read about people's experiences and find reliable information about conditions, treatment choices and support.