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Consult our helplines for advice on pet safety

GOVUK DEFRA – Keeping Pets Healthy in the Hot Weather

Coronavirus - Advice for People with animals

Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

Extra care should be taken to protect pets in the current hot weather, Defra’s Chief Vet Nigel Gibbens said today. In a statement issued jointly with the RSPCA and British Veterinary Association, Mr Gibbens urged the public to think about the effects of hot weather on their pets and to take the right steps to ensure their welfare.


Head Office: 0800 917 2509

Coronavirus - Vet Q&A

Seasonal Advice

Pet care in autumn

Dogs die in cars

In 2013 PDSA celebrates 96 years of caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need. We are proud of our heritage and our achievements. For it is these that have made PDSA what it is today; the UK's leading veterinary charity.

Dogs Trust

Head Office: 0207 837 0006

Coronavirus - Self isolation advice for dog owners

Firework fear

Summer Weather Advice

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Our mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Blue Cross

Tel: 0300 790 9903

Coronavirus and pets

Fireworks and pets

Summer Survival Guide

Sick, injured and homeless pets have relied on us since 1897. Abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured, pets turn to us for help every year. Our doors are always open to them, and with your support, they always will be. Each year, thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses turn to our animal hospitals, clinics and rehoming services for treatment and to find them the happy homes they deserve. Our vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home and we won’t rest until we achieve it. But we really need your help.


Cruelty line: 0300 1234 999

Looking after your pets in isolation

Fireworks PDF

Seasonal Advice for summer

Don't leave your dog alone in a car. If you’re going out in the car, think very carefully about what you are going to do with your dog. You should never leave a dog alone in a car. It can get unbearably hot in a car on a sunny day, even when it’s not that warm.

Wood Green

Tel: 0300 303 9333


Coronavirus Advice

Pet Advice

Firework Safety

Dogs die in hot cars

From humble beginnings in 1924 Wood Green, The Animals Charity has grown to become one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the UK. We take in animals of all shapes and sizes! As well as cats and dogs, we find loving new homes for thousands of chickens, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ferrets and more! We think owning an animal is one of the most rewarding things you can do and we are here to offer help and support to both people and their pets. There are lots of ways you can help, like rehomingan animal, volunteering your time, making a donationor visiting one of our Centres.

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