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Phil Vickery's cracking chicken Kiev

With just over a month until the big day and the excitement building, Phil is here with his Christmas turkey Kiev coated in stuffing breadcrumbs!

Phil's Christmas Kiev

Serves 4


4 x 200g long slices of turkey breast, skin removed

Garlic butter filling

150g salted butter, soft

6 cloves garlic very finely chopped

6 tbsp finely chopped parsley

4 tbsp dried breadcrumbs

Ground pepper

Sausage meat filling

2 tbsp oil

1 cloves garlic, chopped

½ small onion really finely chopped

200g sausage meat

2 tbsp chopped parsley

100g fruit cake

2 tbsp chopped cranberries

2 tbsp chopped chestnut (optional) 

To coat

6 tbsp cornflour

4 eggs beaten

250g packet mix sage & onion stuffing 

4 tbsp chopped parsley

Sunflower oil, for deep frying

To serve (optional)

Triple cooked chips



1. For the turkey, place each slice of turkey into an open plastic bag and add a little water. Using a rolling pin, gently flatten the meat until it's nice and thin, be careful you don’t make any holes in the meat. 

2. For the sausage meat version of the Kiev, heat the oil in a pan and add the garlic and onions and cook for 2-3 minutes. 

3. Tip into a bowl and add the sausage meat and mix well. Add the parsley, crumbled cake, cranberries and chopped chestnuts if using and mix well. Season with pepper. 

4. To make the garlic butter filling, mix the butter, garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs and pepper together well. Place the butter into a piping bag and snip off the end.

5. To assemble the Kiev, if using the butter filling, pipe the butter onto one end of the piece of turkey and repeat with the other three. 

6. If using the sausage meat filling, spoon approximately a tablespoon and a half of the mix into the centre. 

7. To seal the Kiev, brush the edges with beaten egg then tuck in the sides and ends, fold over, roll up and seal well so you have a nice shaped sealed pocket.

8. Next dust each breast in cornflour, then beaten egg and finally coat in the dried stuffing mixed with the parsley, making sure the Kiev is coated really well. 

9. Then this is the important bit, chill well until the butter is very hard, probably an hour or so.

10. Heat the oil to 175-180C.

11. When ready to cook, place the Kiev’s into the hot oil and cook until light brown and crispy, this will take 10-12 minutes approximately. Or you can shallow fry the breasts in 2cm oil on both sides for a couple of minutes to brown nicely then pop onto a wire rack on a tray and cook in a preheated oven at 200C for 12-14 minutes or until cooked through. 

12. Serve with triple cooked frozen fries.

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