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Phil Vickery's rhubarb and custard crumble tart

When it comes to food pairing you can’t beat the classic rhubarb and custard. So, today Phil Vickery is satisfying your taste buds with his delicious rhubarb and custard crumble tart.

Sweet, tangy and delicious, this pudding is the definition of pleasure on a plate.

Rhubarb and custard crumble tart

Serves 4


For the topping

60g salted butter 

50g plain flour

1 tsp allspice

120g finely chopped pecans or hazelnuts

80g dark brown sugar

For the tart

400g ready made sweet pastry, used to line a 24cm x 4cm deep loose bottomed flan case and blind baked so you have a pastry case. 

1 x 75g packet of Instant custard

100ml boiling water

150g chopped white chocolate

200g Yorkshire rhubarb, washed well and chopped into 1cm pieces

4-5 tbsp good quality strawberry jam

Dash of water

½ tsp vanilla extract

To serve

Clotted cream


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C gas 6.

2. For the topping: Rub the butter into the flour until you have fine breadcrumbs then add the allspice, chopped nuts and brown sugar, mix well then place into a baking dish and cook in the pre heated oven until crunchy and well coloured. Blitz in a food processor if needed. 

3. For the custard filling: Make up a thick custard by adding 100ml boiling water to the custard powder and add the white chocolate and mix well until melted. 

4. Pour the custard into the pastry case, leave to cool completely. Set in the fridge if need be.

5. For the rhubarb: Place the chopped rhubarb, jam, water and vanilla into a saucepan and cook over a high heat until the rhubarb starts to break up. Spoon into a colander and drain well, reserving the cooking liquid and reduce in a small saucepan until syrupy. 

6. Spoon the drained rhubarb over the set custard and then top with the crunchy crumble topping, chill well.

7. Serve in wedges with clotted cream and the syrup left over from the cooking of the rhubarb.

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