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Phil Vickery's secret to recreating the retro classic - Viennetta!

It's graced tables across the country for almost 40 years - Viennetta is a retro classic loved by all!

Soft vanilla ice cream and the unmistakable crack of chocolate, Phil's in the kitchen today ready to share his secret to recreating this winning ice cream treat at home. 


Serves 4-6


8 medium egg whites (240g) at room temp

Pinch cream of tartar

185g caster sugar

300mls whipped double cream

100mls melted, cooled bitter chocolate

Cocoa powder, for dusting


1. Wrap a baking tray in several layers of cling film. Cut a piece of paper 23cm x 10cm then place on the cling film, the cover again with cling film nice and tight so you have a template to work with.

2. Place the egg whites into a bowl with the cream of tartar and whisk until nice and foamy, then add half the sugar and whisk to a really firm meringue. Rain in the last of the sugar and whisk again until really thick and glossy. Once ready, whisk fold into the double cream carefully until incorporated.

3. Pipe using a large flatten plain nozzle the length of the paper template in a straight line, then for the next layer pipe from side to side in swirling motion. Spoon down the middle some of the melted chocolate. Repeat the process again with piping the meringue mix for another layer and drizzling of the melted chocolate.

4. Finally pipe large swirls over the top and dust with cocoa powder and a little drizzle of chocolate. Freeze until really firm, best overnight. Slice and serve.

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV