Phillip and Holly sit 'side by side' for first time in six months!

It's the moment we'd all been waiting for - Phillip and Holly, sitting right next to each other once again. After six months of social distancing, our presenters can even high five! Well, sort of...

Phillip opened Monday's show explaining: "Finally, after six long months Holly and I are sitting together side by side."

And just as we were wondering how this was possible, Holly gave us a glimpse of the truth: "Ah, sort of, however, our very clever team...""

But Phillip wanted to make the magic last just a little bit longer: "Well I think we should leave it for just a couple of seconds, just so that Twitter can get really angry. We'll give you just enough time to complain".

After demonstrating a high-five, Holly revealed the truth, "Our very clever team have worked their magic and managed to get rid of that two-metre gap ... and bring us virtually together".

And as the studio cameras panned out it became evident that we had fancy filming angles to thank for our presenters' on-screen closeness - and without TV trickery to help them, Phillip and Holly were still maintaining social distancing, sitting two metres apart!