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Phillip's got the answer! Seven things we learnt this week...

It's been quite a week on This Morning! From winning our 10th National Television Award in a row (thanks to you), to a Spin to Win record (and not in a good way).

Here's seven things we learnt this week!

ONE: Schofe's got the solution!

A new learning technique has been adopted by a Dorset school - Ask Phil! Students pin their questions, worries and thoughts on Phillip using post-it notes.

Inspired by this idea, we invited our viewers to put their own questions to Phillip... and boy did our man deliver!

VICKY ASKS: "I wear a huge rainbow coat on the school run. People either embrace it, or think I'm mad. Does it matter what people think, Phil?

PHIL SAYS: "I wore a huge rainbow coat and I embraced it! You embrace your rainbow coat!"

JILLY ASKS: "Should my husband buy me new tea towels after his daft dog stole my new pack and chewed them?"


HANNAH ASKS: "How do I keep my nine-month-old baby entertained on a plane?"

PHIL SAYS: "Distraction. Many and varied things. Not expensive things - you know, crisp packets, something that makes a noise, something you can play with - but lots of different, small things. And then walk 'em up and down the plane, get them tired!"

TWO. Swearing can relieve pain

In Monday's Health Headlines, Dr Sara Kayat revealed that when it comes to acute pain such as stubbing your toe, swearing has been proved to relieve pain!

A psychologist from Keele University tested the theory by recruiting 64 volunteers to keep their hands in freezing buckets of ice water for as long as possible, once while swearing out loud, and once without swearing.

The volunteers were able to keep their hands in the water for twice as long when they were allowed to swear as when they weren't! This is because swearing triggers the release of the natural stress hormones that dull pain.

So from time to time, we'll pardon your French!

THREE. The Dolly Parton challenge looks good on Phillip and Holly

It's the meme that swept Instagram, as celebs rush to copy the #DollyPartonChallenge.

And seeing as it's not going away anytime soon, we thought we'd add our effort to the mix!

FOUR. There's another use for your belly button

We'll apologise up front for this one - it was Wednesday morning, the day after the National Television Awards, and certain amongst us could be described as a little worse for wear.

So when Phillip asked Holly, Alison and John, "You know what's a good use of your belly button?", we couldn't even hazard a guess at what was to come...

"You put salt in your belly button and then you can eat celery in bed", explained Phillip. Thanks for that!

FIVE. Gravy and ketchup together divides opinion

Serving up his toad in the hole as a post-National TV Awards treat, John Torode offered Phillip and Holly a selection of condiments, including ketchup and gravy.This didn't go down too well with Holly, who said no, just no - you should never mix the two together!

So we put the question to you, and in our app poll 80% agreed with John! Sorry Holly...

SIX. Spin to Win is a challenge... for us!

We've been playing Spin to Win for most of January now, and it's the game that keeps on giving! From exotic holidays to an actual National TV Awards trophy, everyone's a winner with our prize-filled wheel! Well, almost everyone.

Because to win, you have to firstly pick up your phone, and secondly say the password BEFORE you say hello.

With a record NINE call attempts before Caroline picked up her phone on Thursday's show, it's no wonder Holly needed a lie down!

SEVEN. We have the best viewers in the world!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for voting This Morning your favourite Live Magazine Show at this year's National Television Awards. It's such an honour, and we couldn't do what we do without you. That includes getting through the show the day after the awards... but we think you'll agree Holly and Phillip ploughed through admirably on Wednesday morning!

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