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Project 84: We join the campaign to prevent male suicide

Here at This Morning we never shy away from stories that can be difficult to talk about - and without doubt, one of the most heartbreaking is losing a loved one to suicide

Phillip Schofield

In Britain, 84 men a week take their own lives, yet not enough people are talking about it. Well, we want to change that. As a poignant reminder of the lives tragically lost, Holly and Phillip will be unveiling 84 individual sculptures - each representing a real man who took his own life.

Twelve of the sculptures are positioned on the roof of the This Morning Studio and the remaining 72 are standing on the roof of the ITV Studios Tower.

Each one of the 84 sculptures represents a real life lost to suicide. Read their stories on CALM's website.

Today we are unveiling 84 life-sized sculptures – each representing a real man who has taken his own life, in the hope that it will stop people in their tracks, make them pay attention and get them talking

Holly Willoughby

The powerful art installation by US street artist Mark Jenkins, is being unveiled on top of our studio and the main ITV HQ, as part of a campaign by male suicide prevention charity CALM.

Our support is designed to initiate a much-needed conversation around male suicide and movement towards better suicide prevention and bereavement support.

Project 84 has been built to raise awareness of the fact that 84 men take their own lives every week in the UK. Suicide continues to be the single biggest killer of men under 45, with three in four of all suicides being male.

The sculptures, made by American artist Mark Jenkins and his collaborator Sandra Fernandez, are visual representations of 84 real British men that tragically took their own lives. Made possible by male grooming brand Harry’s, the sculptures were created during a series of workshops with the support of bereaved family members and friends of the deceased, and made using Jenkins’ signature tape-casting technique.

We’re using This Morning’s iconic studio location to help spread a powerful message. We’re also putting male suicide front and centre on the show. Just like our Be Kind anti-bullying campaign, hopefully, we can help save lives and start a conversation about something that traditionally hasn’t been talked about enough.

This Morning Editor Martin Frizell
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