Prostate cancer helplines

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on prostate cancer

NHS Direct – Prostate Cancer

Comprehensive website with everything you need to know about prostate cancer, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Prostate Cancer UK

Helpline: 0800 074 8383

Prostate Cancer UK Specialist Nurses are available to speak to anyone with concerns about prostate cancer or prostate problems. Information is also available on the Prostate Cancer UK website.

Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. It supports men and provides vital information. It finds answers by funding research into causes and treatments. And it leads change, raising the profile of the disease and improving care.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Call 0808 808 00 00 to talk to a cancer nurse

Link to help and information on issues of cancer and sexuality. Information on prostate cancer, including how it is diagnosed, treatments you might have, possible side effects and how to get further support. If you have any questions about cancer, need support, or if you just want someone to talk to, call free on the above number.

Cancer Help UK

We have a team of specialist cancer nurses who can answer your questions. They can be contacted by phone by calling their direct line on 020 7061 8355, or their freephone number on 0808 800 4040.

Prostate cancer

This link tells you about prostate cancer, including symptoms and causes of prostate cancer, tests and treatment, living with prostate cancer and current research.

Orchid - Fighting Male Cancer

Tel: 0203 465 5766

Orchid exists to save men's lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through a range of support services, pioneering research and promoting awareness. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with a male cancer, are a family member seeking more information or a healthcare professional looking to run an information session, Orchid is here to help.

The Everyman Campaign

Everything you need to know about prostate cancer is here. You can check the facts, get help and support, and find out where to go to discuss any concerns you may have. You can also learn about the latest developments in our life-saving research.