Queen of Clean's summer masterclass

She’s our resident cleaning guru with all the tips and tricks to get out of every sticky situation. From removing suncream stains from your beach towels to cleaning your BBQ using just an onion, Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie has a cleaning hack for every possible holiday horror.

Does your washing machine smell?

With the higher humidity in summer, washing machines start to smell and get taken over with mildew.

Lynsey's top tip: Leave the door and the drawer open and allow the machine to dry before closing this will prevent mould build up. Run a weekly cycle with white wine vinegar.

Are your towels fresh?

With us swimming everyday in pools and the sea, and usually only having one beach towel to hand, it’s hard to keep them feeling and smelling fresh and sanitary.

Lynsey's top tip: Make up a home-made fabric refresher or you can buy a fabric refresher. To make the homemade one use warm water, a few spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Then spray after every use and hang to dry.

Got suncream stains?

It’s one of the most common and frustrating holiday problems - getting that oily sun cream on your brand new white summer dress. But, the Queen of Clean has some solutions that are bullet proof.

Lynsey's top tip: Always rinse the garment from reverse under a cold tap to help to push the stain out. Sun cream has an oil base and this needs to be broken down so cover the stain in white wine vinegar leave 30 mins rinse, or use eucalyptus oil and again leave 30 mins and rinse.

Is your cossie losing its shape?

No matter what their strength or elasticity, swimming costumes and bikinis ALWAYS start to lose their shape. So how can we prevent this?

Lynsey's top tip: Always rinse out sea salt and chemicals from swimming pools to prolong the like of your swimwear. Never dry out before rinsing as the chemicals will fade the colour and never dry in direct sunlight. Try and roll your bikini and costumes into a towel rather than just wring out - you could end up with a saggy bottom!

Are your pool toys clean?

We let the kids play with them for hours on end, but how often do we think about cleaning outdoor toys, to get rid of the nasties that they pick up?

Lynsey's top tip: Rinse the toys in warm soapy water for at least 30 minutes at least, or pop in the dishwasher.

Are grass and sand taking over?

There’s nothing worse than walking back into the house to find grass everywhere or finding sand mixed in with the washing.

Lynsey's top tip: Baby powder is great for removing sand from feet as you leave the beach. Before you pop your flip flops back on, just sprinkle them with the powder. Use a lint roller, bash shoes outside before bringing them in and have a good heavy-duty door mat. Keep a handheld vacuum to hand.

Is your BBQ clean?

We all love a summer BBQ, but often forget to wipe it down afterwards - leaving nasty stains that are hard to get rid of.

Lynsey's top tip: Cut an onion in half and place on a large BBQ fork and rub all over until the onion disappears. Onions are said to have a natural disinfectant in them and kill bacteria without the need of harmful chemicals.