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Restorative justice helplines

There's advice and information about restorative justice on our helplines page

Why Me? 


Why me? promotes the right of every victim of crime to have the chance to sit down and talk to the person who caused them harm.  Crime victims want to ask the offender direct questions — starting with "Why me?"  Restorative Justice can provide answers and give peace of mind, whatever the severity of the crime.

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Restorative Justice 

Restorative justice is the process of bringing together those harmed by crime or conflict with those responsible for the harm, to find a positive way forward.

Restorative Justice Council


Do you need restorative justice 

The RJC is the independent third sector membership body for the field of restorative practice. Restorative processes bring those harmed by crime or conflict, and those responsible for the harm, into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. 

Victim Support 

Victim Supportline:  0808 16 89 111


Restorative Justice 

Victim Support is the independent national charity which helps people cope with the effects of crime.  They provide free and confidential support to help you deal with your experience, whether or not you report the crime as well as helping witnesses cope in going to court.  Our trained volunteers offer someone to talk to in confidence, information on police and court procedures, help in dealing with other organisations, information about compensation and insurance as well as links to other sources of help. 

Victim Support Scotland

Helpline:  0800 160 1985


We support victims of crime, witnesses and their family members, regardless of who they are and their circumstances. Our service is independent, free, non-judgemental and confidential. We offer bespoke support, personalised to the needs of each individual.  Victim Support Scotland provides information, practical help, emotional support and guidance through the criminal justice system. We offer specialist services to support people who face specific crimes including murder, terrorism, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence and hate crime. We empower people to cope with the aftermath of a crime and find the strength to move on with their lives.

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