Restricted growth helplines

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NHS Choices – Restricted Growth

Restricted growth

Comprehensive help and information from NHS Choices.

The Restricted Growth Association

Helpline: 0300 111 1970

The RGA is a self-help organisation dealing with helping the social and medical consequences of restricted growth. The Association promotes the interests of people of restricted growth and their families. It is a forum for the exchange of information and advice and provides this for all small people and their families. Crucially we provide a network to families and adults throughout the UK who have a rare genetic condition; to meet and share with those who have first hand experience of the same or similar conditions. Thereby offering mutual support and practical solutions to everyday life problems. We also aim to ensure that the diversity of the small people's community is promoted and celebrated.

The Child Growth Foundation

Helpline: 020 8995 0257

On this site, you can find helpful information whether you are a parent whose child has a suspected or diagnosed growth problem, an adult or family member of someone with a growth or endocrine disorder, or a medical professional. We aim to support and encourage all children or adults with growth disorders, and their families, in every way we can.

Walking with Giants Foundation

Tel: 0151 526 0134

A voluntary non-profit making registered charity set up to enrich the lives of individuals and families affected by Primordial Dwarfism. One of our main goals is to bring individuals affected by Primordial Dwarfism and their families from around the UK and the rest of the world together to provide support and education, along with giving the children and their siblings something to smile about.

Contact a Family

Helpline: 0808 808 3555

Providing advice, information and support to the parents of all disabled children - no matter what their disability or health condition. The charity also enables parents to get in contact with other families, both on a local and national basis.

Gov UK – Disability Links

Comprehensive Government site with a wealth of information on education, health, employment, financial support and more.