When should we send our children to school?

Parents know their children, and every child is different. A parent knows their child best ... Emotionally, had I tried to put Sebastian in last year, it would have been horrendous for all involved.

Naomi Campbell on her son Sebastian

According to a future government plan, parents of children who are born in the summer will have the right to delay their child's education for a year if they feel they are not ready for the classroom. But could delaying them damage their development?

She's loving it - she started on Monday. We've been building up to it all year. She's been ready for school for a long time. This time a month ago she was three, so she really is one of the youngest in her class.

Natalie Brown on Bluebell going to school

Journalist Natalie Brown says she can't imagine holding her four-year-old daughter Bluebell back from starting school. But not all mothers feel the same, as, last year, Naomi Campbell battled to stop her four-year-old son Sebastian from starting school when she believed he wasn't ready. She argues that it's vital parents be allowed to choose what's right for their child.

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