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Sexual health and relationships helplines

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on sexual health and relationships

NHS Choices

Good Sex

Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

NHS website on a variety of aspects of sex and relationships with links to help and support.

COSRT – College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists


Sexual and relationship problems are surprisingly common and can cause huge distress., but people find it very difficult to talk about such personal issues and this may mean that problems go unresolved for years. It does not need to be like this. There are experienced therapists who can help.

Sexual Advice Association


The Sexual Advice Association, (formerly the Sexual Dysfunction Association), is a charitable organisation to help improve the sexual health and wellbeing of men and women and to raise awareness of the extent to which sexual conditions affect the general population. A wealth of advice on male and female sexual problems and how to seek help is available on the Sexual Advice Association website all year round.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition-oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The only qualification for SLAA membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction.

AVEN - The Asexual Visibility and Education Network


AVEN was founded to create public acceptance and discussion of asexuality and to facilitate the growth of an asexual community. Since that time we have grown to host the world’s largest asexual community, serving as an informational resource for people who are asexual and questioning, their friends and families, academic researchers and the press. The AVEN community centres around the web forum and provides a safe space for asexual and questioning people and their partners, friends and families to discuss their experiences.




Helpline: 0800 0185 023

Free and confidential sexual health advice and services specifically for young people under 25


Telephone: 0300 100 1234


Offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through this website.

Marriage Care

Tel: 0800 389 3801


If you are facing difficult times in your marriage or relationship and need support, Marriage Care offers relationship counselling sessions at over 100 venues in England and Wales. Phone 0800 389 3801 for a local appointment.



Provides information and advice on a range of issues affecting young adults aged 16-25 including sex and relationships

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm