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Sheridan Smith shares her experience of anxiety during pregnancy

Sheridan Smith spoke openly about how her worries about mental health and anxiety during her pregnancy with her baby son, Billy, shaped her new documentary about becoming a mum.

"We were going to do a documentary about pregnancy and about the kind of old wives’ tales, and the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy… and I sent out a tweet just asking women what they were worried about and nearly every single tweet I got back was women worried about mental health and postnatal depression and anxiety during pregnancy" she told Phillip and Holly during an exclusive interview on This Morning.

"It was secretly one of my worries too, so the documentary took a turn then and we decided to go and see what was out there, to help women in that position."

"I think when you’ve had mental health issues in the past you worry that it’s going to appear again suddenly in pregnancy," Sheridan added, reflecting on her own mental health journey.

"I didn’t know what was out there and you always feel quite ashamed to say it, especially when you’re pregnant, I think, when you’re going to be a mum. You feel like a bad mum. How can you be having these thoughts? And so we went on this journey and met the most amazing people."

She admitted that she had briefly stopped taking her medication during pregnancy, for fear that it might harm her unborn child. However, when she turned to doctors for advice she learned that many medications were perfectly safe to take during pregnancy.

Dr Larisa was also on hand to offer some expert advice for pregnant women who may be experiencing mental health issues.

"There’s no guilt or shame to feel around that but it's really necessary that you do get the help and support that you need," she said. "Lots of this medication is perfectly safe to take while you’re pregnant but what you mustn't do is take things into your own hands."

Sheridan's baby boy, Billy, arrived safely during lockdown and she spoke of the joy that he has brought to her life. "He’s amazing, but I’m biased. He’s gorgeous. He’s just the cutest thing," she said.

"When you look at him, when you look at your baby in the eyes and that unconditional love, it’s a bond like no other and I don’t know, maybe I’ve been looking for things in the wrong places all of my life?"

"Now this little boy is what makes me want to be the best mum and make him proud. He's just amazing. He’s smiling now, which is just the best thing in the world, because it's like, 'You love me back!'"

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