Six of our favourite cheeky slip-ups so far this year!

We love a laugh on This Morning, especially when our favourite funnies happen quite unintentionally!

Holly's cock-a-chon claim

When Holly enthusiastically exclaimed she loved a cock-a-chon, it was lucky we were looking at pictures of puppies!

Phil's Lovehoney package

'That's a whole different package coming through the door there...', said Schofe, when he mixed up an adult store with a travel company.

Josie's 'sausage is amazing'

A trip to South Africa certainly went down a storm with Josie - although we never expected her compliments to be quite so detailed!

Coffee plunging

Not laughing while learning how to make the perfect frothy coffee in lockdown was a skill in itself!

Keep your bananas away

While we were shocked that cucumbers don't go in the fridge, we were even more shocked by what Alice said next!

Janet's milkman's horse

We're sorry, your sister learnt to ride on what, Janet Street-Porter?