So Victoria Beckham... do you ever sleep in your make-up?

In the last in the series of Victoria Beckham’s beauty secrets she reveals how she stays in shape, why her views on beauty have changed since having her daughter Harper, and if she ever breaks the golden beauty rule and sleeps in her make-up!

On being more confident now that she’s older, Victoria reveals: “Definitely feel more confident now. Definitely. There were things that I used to, little paranoias that I used to have when I was younger about myself that I just don’t care so much about now that I’m older. You know, I think it’s about focusing on the good bits and just being kind to yourself, you know. I mean, I think everybody should be kind to themselves and kind to each other.”

On how she keeps fit, Victoria admits: “I exercise a lot. I used to be a dancer before I was in the Spice Girls. My plan was to be a dancer and then everything changed. So exercise and dance has always been key to me. But I enjoy it. I put on my own playlist and I dance and it makes me feel good. It makes me feel happy and I think it’s finding a form of fitness that you enjoy ultimately. I think you have to enjoy it.”

And on how she stays healthy, Victoria jokes: “Lots and lots of water. And I tell myself that it’s healthy to drink red wine, I heard that once! And I think that it was probably the wine industry that said that, but I like it so I kind of throw that into the conversation as well.”