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Sow and grow masterclass with Daisy Payne

Spring is just around the corner, but is your garden in desperate need of some TLC before the sunshine arrives?

If you’re struggling with bare patches of grass, or wilting flower beds, our gardening guru Daisy Payne is joining us today with her simple tricks to sow and grow your garden back into full bloom.

Sow and grow -Planting or sowing seeds is a simple and inexpensive way of growing new flowers and veg. You’ll want to start now as the weather starts to warm up, so by the summer your garden will be flourishing.

What to sow - Sow plants that you love, and vegetables that you eat, as there is no point sowing things that you will get no use out of.

- If you're stuck on what to grow first, tomatoes, sweet peas or courgettes are a great start. These are all very productive fruits and vegetables.

- It's important to take part in ‘successional sowing’ when growing salad and veg. This means sowing a small amount of seed every two weeks, to ensure you have a long season of fresh produce.

What you'll need - Although many gardeners buy expensive propagators, you don’t actually need a lot of kit to sow seeds. 

- Use old yoghurt pots and punch a few holes in the bottom, or even cut a milk carton in half to create a mini greenhouse - You can use anything that can hold compost but will still allow water to drain through. 

- You will need some sowing compost to help new life germinate.  

- Add vermiculite to your compost to help with germination and help nourish your seedlings. 

Daisy's top pick - Pick a pot size that’s going to suit the plant for as long as possible.

 How to do it:

- Firstly grab the seed sowing compost -  It’s best to keep the compost inside the house so it's nice and warm, If it's too cold germination will take a bit longer.

- Sprinkle the compost into your pot, try to remove any big lumps.  

- Take your seed and use your pen or pencil to create a hole. 

- Pop the seed in, cover over & water well- Remember to label your pots! 

- Place your pots inside, in a warm and sunny window sill. 

- Water them gently everyday- within a week you’ll have germination.

What about patch fixing your lawn/growing grass from seed?

- You need warm soil to sow grass seed. Around 6-8 degrees minimum.

- Sow the grass seed by hand, spreader or seed drill and follow the instructions on the label. 

- Rake soil lightly over the seed, then tread lightly to firm in. Aim to bed the seed 5-10mm deep. 

- If you have a few bare patches poking through, cut your lawn, weed it, scarify the soil to remove. any moss if you can & then sow!

- Moisten the soil.

- Sprinkle the seed onto the grass evenly - apply more in patchy or thinner areas.

- Water your lawn after reseeding.

Daisy's top tip - Grass seed needs to be snugly surrounded by soil to germinate. Seeds also need air too, so don’t compact it in too tightly.

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